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Alta Motors

Creative Direction, Consulting, Brand ID, Design & Naming

Our scope of work has touched nearly everything brand & graphics related, including consultation on the choice of a new name. Logo, brand marks, typography. All the stationery. Sales assets. Regulatory stickers on the bike, hazard warnings on the battery that you should never see, shroud graphics on the plastics. Owner's Manuals. Website design and development. Heck, we even directed the painters when the company moved to a larger facility in Brisbane and spiffed the place up.


In Collaboration with
Grant Ray, Evan Hamilton, Timmy Kucynda and Amani King

Above: Jason Hansen
Below: Todd Tankersley, unless noted

Photo: AOL/Roberto Baldwin
Photo: Evan Hamilton
Photo: Evan Hamilton
Photo: Jason Hansen
Photo: Grant Ray
Photo: Jason Hansen
Photo: Jason Hansen
Photo: Jason Hansen
Illustration: Timmy Kucynda
"Sprinter Van Halen"
"Jean Claude Sales Van" Design: Timmy Kucynda
Photo: Evan Hamilton
Final mark & typography guidelines
Early logo sketches